Kalena customization for the management of employee parking spaces through a fair raffle.

Recently, one of our clients presented us with a challenge in Kalena: given the great difference between the number of parking spaces available compared to the total volume of employees, our client needed an efficient solution for the management of both parking spaces and spaces for charging electric cars, as well as the integration of the solution with the access control systems to their offices.

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  • In order to the big difference between the number of available places with respect to the total volume of employees, the Kalena development team accepts the challenge posed by the client, and implements in our booking spaces software a pre-reservation system with allocation by fair raffle, which takes into account different parameters such as the number of reservations previously enjoyed or the appropriate use of concessions for each user in their previous reservations.
  • For greater efficiency in access to the offices by employees and visitors, integration with the control of the access barriers to the car park is also implemented to automatically allow access to vehicles with a granted space.
  • Thanks to this system, it is also possible to automate check-in by confirming the reservation at the time of access to the offices, by reading the license plate associated with the reservation.
  • In the same way, and thanks to this functionality, the places that have not finally been used or those that have been released automatically because the vehicle has left through check-out would be available to employees.

At KALENA we always work with the latest development technologies to improve and evolve the product constantly, based on market trends and user experiences of our customers. This allows us to quickly and continuously incorporate new functionalities into the product, such as the management of parking spaces through a fair raffle, which will be made available to our customers shortly.


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