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KALENA is a software solution for manage the booking and scheduling of your company’s corporate workspaces and resources, such as meeting rooms, desks and parking spaces.

Who doesn’t constantly have problems in their company with the reservation of meeting rooms, desks and workspaces, or parking spaces? Bookings are made on paper, they are not visible to everyone, and when a meeting is cancelled, the meeting room is not released for others.

In addition, facilitating a true collaborative hybrid work model, both remote and on-site, has become a priority in companies. And for this it is necessary to be able to optimize the capacity, the degree of occupancy and the availability of the different workspaces.

Now, solving this problem is as simple as using KALENA spaces.

With KALENA spaces you will be able to manage in a flexible and centralized way, the use of all the workspaces and corporate resources at your workplace, saving time, gaining productivity and improving the experience of your employees.

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More than 100 companies from 15 countries already use KALENA software application to manage their office workspaces. These are some of them:


As simple as picking up your mobile phone and making acomplete booking for everything you need.

With KALENA spaces you can easily manage the reservation of any kind of spaces or corporate resources at your company, through different modules: meeting rooms, parking spaces, desks, dining room, offices… All this in a centralized way and from a single interface, integrating a multitude of calendars and views, dynamic maps of the occupation of workspaces, automatic opening devices and access control, and with email communications to all users.

KALENA spaces also has an administration panel for managing workspaces and their properties, a powerful statistics and reports dashboard, and a module for managing user profiles and roles.


Kalena software para la reserva de espacios salas de reuniones anuncio


Book a meeting room in your office from the calendar or floor plan view. Check its characteristics, location, capacity and technical resources, and request additional equipment. Add attendees to the meeting, and control the room’s occupancy in real time. Manage check-in/out and activate the automatic “no-show”.

Kalena software for the reservation of workspaces anuncio


Book your own desk or workspace at the office in advance, from the calendar view or floor plan view. Additionally request access to office, connectivity, wi-fi or parking. Pre-assign or block desks, search for nearby colleagues, control occupancy by zones or floors, and manage check-in/out via QR codes.

Kalena software para la reserva de espacios plazas de parking anuncio


Book a parking space for you or your visitors, from the calendar or floor plan view. Use a map to guide you. Manage the necessary authorizations to access the building, and integrate it with automatic opening devices and QR codes.
Control the parking spaces occupancy and check usage statistics.

Kalena software para la reserva de espacios salas de reuniones anuncio


Manage the booking of any type of resource or additional space that you may need in your office, such as dining tables, lockers, bicycle spaces, or connectivity services and equipment for workspaces. Centralize all the reservations in your offices with Kalena, and improve the experience of your employees.

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Main features

A cloud booking software application, without installations, with which you can start managing your workspaces in just two steps.


With Kalena you can use the floor plan view to book a meeting room, a desk or a parking space. You will dynamically visualize the availability and occupation, and you will be able to check, from any device, its characteristics, location, capacity and the available technical equipment.


With Kalena you can also use the calendar view to book any workspace, and use different filters by date, location, capacity, etc. You will be able to make recurring reservations for the same space, and add meeting attendees until you reach the maximum capacity of the room or space.


Kalena also incorporates the functionality of being able to do check-in/check-out in meeting rooms, desks and other workspaces, either manually or by reading QR codes installed in the spaces. By checking out, even early, the space will automatically become available to all users.


At Kalena we adapt to the client needs. Thanks to customization you will be able to adapt the appearance and styles of Kalena’s calendars to your image or corporate brand. In addition, you can also configure the powerful dashboard with custom views per user.


With this module you can have a specific view of your personal bookings and reservations plan in Kalena. From this feature, you will be able to see your daily, weekly or monthly booking calendar, and you will be able to check-in / check-out in a booked room or workspace, for example.


Kalena incorporates a powerful dashboard with reports and statistics on the use of spaces, with personalized views per user.
From the Kalena administration panel you can easily manage spaces, resources or user permissions.

What they say about us

More than 100 companies from 15 countries already use KALENA to manage their office spaces. This is what some of our customers are saying:


“The acceptance of the application has been very positive, and the ease of use for the user has helped a lot.”

“The tool is really intuitive, even in the administrator part!.”

“The application is super easy to use, our employees have received it very well and use it every day.”

“The experience has been fantastic, very easy to use and maintain, and we have adapted very well to working with the tool.”

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Software solution for booking work spaces in the office.

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