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What is Kalena used for?

KALENA is a cloud-based software solution to manage the reservation of company spaces and corporate resources, such as: meeting rooms, workstations, parking spaces, charging stations, lockers, offices… etc.

How does Kalena work?

In a centralized way, from a single interface and without installations, Kalena allows you to book the spaces or resources you need. Kalena is a cloud software where you can easily manage the reservation of any type of space or resource through different modules.

What spaces can I reserve with Kalena?

With Kalena you can manage any space or resource in your office that can be reserved in a specific time slot by a person. Some examples could be meeting rooms, workstations, parking spaces, lockers, charging stations, sports courts, offices, etc.

From which devices can I make bookings with Kalena?

Kalena is accessible from any device and browser. It has a friendly responsive web interface, which facilitates the reservation and consultation process for end users.

Is Kalena compatible with any calendar?

Your bookings are fully compatible with the different calendars on the market. You can schedule your reservations in your Exchange calendar, Google Calendar or another. Additionally, if you need it, we can integrate with your corporate calendar.

Does Kalena integrate with companies' own devices?

Kalena can be integrated with other corporate systems of your company, such as Active Directory. In addition, you can also integrates Kalena with access devices and automatic opening of barriers and doors, vehicle identification with license plate reading by LPR camera, user identification card or QR codes.

Is technical knowledge needed to be able to administer the tool?

Kalena is an application with a very intuitive interface for both the end user and the administrator profile. Thanks to the management modules, the administrator user can easily create, modify, delete resources, plans, user permissions or spaces, among other things, with just 3 clicks.

Is it safe to use Kalena as a booking software?

Secure development and information management criteria have been incorporated throughout the entire life cycle of the Kalena software, through periodic security certifications. In addition, Kalena has a system implemented and certified by the ISO 27001 standard, to guarantee the Security of the Information that is generated during the development of the activity, and safeguard it from possible threats.

Can I customize Kalena?

Kalena can be customized based on the needs of each client. In addition, thanks to the customization of the appearance and calendar styles, you can adapt Kalena to your image or corporate brand.

What languages is Kalena available in?

Kalena is available in Spanish and English, and has all the documentation and support in these two languages.

What is the price of Kalena?

Kalena has 3 pricing plans based on the needs of each company: Basic, Medium and Enterprise, which can be customized and expanded with the incorporation of other functionalities and needs thanks to the tool’s customization capacity. Furthermore, Kalena spaces licensing model, unlike other solutions, is scalable based on the number of resources to be managed (rooms, workstations, etc.) and not based on the number of users, which greatly benefits space management in hybrid work models. This allows us to offer an average price per resource that is one of the most competitive on the market.: from €2 per resource/month in the Basic Plan, to €0.83 per resource/month in the Enterprise Plan. For custom plans of more than 6.000 resources, the average price decreases below €0,22 per resource/month.

Find out all our plans at this link.

Can I change plans if I need to?

Kalena is a flexible product that adapts to the needs of each client at all times, therefore, you can modify, expand and change the plan whenever you need. All our plans are Without Permanence.

How can I unsubscribe from Kalena?

In a very simple way: contact our after-sales team, at the address seguimiento@kalena.es and tell us the reasons for the cancellation. Kalena is the only space reservation software on the market where you can unsubscribe without penalty since all our plans have no permanence.

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