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Kalena spaces is a software application that allows you to manage the use and reservation of parking spaces in your office, easily and efficiently.

With Kalena you can manage the booking of your parking spaces in your offices in a simple way, either for your employees or for your clients and visitors.

Flexibly managing the use of office spaces has become a priority. Parking spaces are usually a limited resource, and companies need to be able to optimize the degree of occupancy and availability of parking areas for employees who work on-site.

Now solving this problem is as simple as using KALENA spaces for parking management. With Kalena you can manage parking spaces in a flexible, easy and efficient way, democratize their use and facilitate access to offices for your employees, integrating it with access control systems.

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With KALENA spaces you can use the calendar view or the plan view to reserve a parking space in your office.

With Kalena you can use the calendar view or plan view to reserve a parking space for yourself or for your visitors. You will dynamically display the availability of spaces, and you will be able to check their location and use a “way finder” map to guide you to the car park.

You can also set automatic bookings according to assignment criteria, roles and permissions.

In addition, through Kalena you can manage the necessary authorizations to access the building offices, and integrate it with devices for automatic opening of barriers and QR codes.

Kalena integrates email communications to inform all users about reservations, changes, and so on.


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From the administration dashboard you can manage permissions and users, and upload your own floor plans.

With Kalena you can upload your own parking plans by floor, building and/or location in image format, so that users can make reservations from the floor plan view.

Thanks to this module, you can display the occupancy status of the parking spaces on the floor plans, and on any device, such as a videowall, a displays, a tablet or a cell phone.

You can also customize the level of information that is shown about the parking space on the map. And you can also have a space locator (wayfinder) on the map. And you can also have a space locator (wayfinder) on the map.

You can manage users, permissions, roles, and delete or add more parking places. Thus, you can establish criteria for automatic assignment of parking spaces to certain roles and profiles, set permissions for booking certain parking spots, and allow users with a fixed parking spot to make it available to other employees when they are not use it because of teleworking or holidays.

In addition, Kalena allows pre-booking and allocation of parking spaces by fair draw, taking into account different factors such as previously granted requests and confirmed attendance at them.


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All your bookings in Kalena spaces at a glance

With Kalena’s My Planning module you can have a specific view of your personal spaces booking plan in Kalena.

From this functionality, you will be able to see your daily, weekly or monthly booking calendar, and you can, for example, check-in / check-out in a parking space or booked space.

At a single glance, your employees can consult all the planned reservations of both desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces and other resources, facilitating attendance at offices.


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Record the entry and exit of employees in the parking spaces.

Kalena also incorporates the functionality of being able to do check-in/check-out in the parking spaces, either manually or by reading QR codes installed in the squares.

When checking out, even in advance, the parking space will automatically be available again for all users.


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Kalena spaces integrates itself with automatic opening and access control devices with identification.

You can complement Kalena with solutions for integration with automatic opening devices and access control with identification, for example, entry of vehicles with license plate reading by LPR camera, user identification card or QR codes.


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A powerful Dashboard with personalized views per user.

Kalena incorporates a powerful dashboard with usage reports and statistics of the spaces, with custom views per user.

From the home screen, the user will be able to see at a glance their own statistics in Kalena, and the current occupancy status of parking spaces and other spaces and resources.

From the Reports and Statistics module, the administrator profile will have access to advanced reports of all bookings, users, resources, check-in / check-out list, etc. You can check at any time the office occupancy rate and the use of parking spaces, thus obtaining very useful information to be able to manage and optimize the capacity of the offices.


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As simple as picking up you mobile phone and making a complete booking for everything you need at your office.

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Book a meeting room in your office from the calendar or floor plan view. Check its characteristics, location, capacity and technical resources, and request additional equipment. Add attendees to the meeting, and control the room’s occupancy in real time. Manage check-in/out and activate the automatic “no-show”.

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Book your own workspace at the office in advance, from the calendar view or floor plan view. Additionally request access to office, connectivity, wi-fi or parking. Pre-assign or block workstations, search for nearby colleagues, control occupancy by zones or floors, and manage check-in/out via QR codes.

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Book a parking lot for you or your visitors, from the calendar or floor plan view. Use a map to guide you. Manage the necessary authorizations to access the building, and integrate it with automatic opening devices and QR codes. Control the spaces occupancy and check usage statistics.

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Manage the booking of any type of resource or additional space that you may need in your office, such as canteen, lockers, bicycle park spaces, or connectivity services and equipment for workspaces. Centralize all the reservations in your offices with Kalena, and improve the experience of your employees.

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Software solution for booking work spaces in the office.

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