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The software solution for the management and booking of workplaces:

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Kalena spaces is a software application that allows you to manage the use and booking of desks and workspaces in the office, optimizing the use of space and ensuring the safety of employees.

Manage flexible workspaces in the office has become a priority. Companies need to be able to optimize the capacity, occupancy rate and availability of the different workplaces, organize desks and workspaces and protect the health of employees with new safety protocols.

Now, solving this problem is as simple as using KALENA spaces. With Kalena you can manage flexible desks and workspaces, hybrid work and coworking spaces, easily and efficiently, optimizing the use of offices, and guaranteeing the safety of employees.

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With Kalena spaces you can use the calendar view or floor plan view to book a workspace in the office.

With Kalena, your employees will be able to dynamically visualize the availability of workspaces, and consult their characteristics, location, and technical means available. In addition, they can make bookings in block or by areas and departments, make recurring reservations for several days, and check-in/check-out through QR codes installed in the desks, releasing them after use.

Thanks to Kalena, your company can organize a return to the office in a scaled way, organizing the workspaces and work shifts, as well as establishing the necessary protocols to maintain the safety distance between desks.

With Kalena it is also possible to request any additional equipment that is needed, such as connectivity or wi-fi, in addition to requesting access to the offices or parking space at the same time.

Kalena integrates email communications to inform all users of reservations, changes, etc…


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From the administration module you will be able to manage permissions and users, and upload your own plans of the workstations in the office.

With Kalena you can upload your own plans by floor, building and/or location in image format, so that users can make bookings from the floor plan view.

Thanks to this module, you can display the occupancy status of the workspaces on the floor plans, and on any device, such as a video wall, a display, a tablet or a cell phone. You can also customize the level of information displayed on the workspaces on the floor plan, and also have a wayfinder on the floor plan.

From the Administration module you can configure the workspaces and their availability. For example, you can block workspaces by safety distance, assign and prioritize positions by departments, and block bookings of workspaces by areas or teams.

You can also manage users, permissions, roles, and remove or add more spaces.


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Kalena spaces helps you manage workspaces in a safer and more efficient way, in view of the new situation derived from Covid-19.

With Kalena, you can pre-assign or block workspaces to maintain safety distances, and control occupancy by zones or floors. You can do it in a static way, prefixing disabled desks, or in a dynamic way, based on criteria of proximity according to the bookings that are already made.

Likewise, the floor plan view incorporates the advanced filters of Kalena. You can locate on the map in which workstation «x» is sitting, and reserve «near» by work affinity or «far» to comply with safety distances.

You can also set and manage phases and shifts for the return of your employees to the office.

In addition, Kalena generates a historical booking record so that, in case there is a positive for Covid in your office, you can trace the possible affected parties.

And finally, you can establish, based on hygiene and disinfection protocols, automatic reservations for disinfection in the next available slot after the reservation of a job, thus preventing the reservation by employees in that slot.


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All your schedule in Kalena spaces at a glance

With Kalena’s My Planning module you can have a specific view of your personal spaces booking plan in kalena.

From this functionality, you will be able to see your daily, weekly or monthly booking calendar, and you can, for example, check-in / check-out at a workspaces or booked space.

In addition, you can have the booking of workspaces integrated with the booking of meeting rooms and parking spaces, thus facilitating safe attendance at the offices for your employees.


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Record the entry and exit of employees at workspaces.

Kalena also incorporates the functionality of being able to do check-in/check-out in the workspaces, whether manually or by reading QR codes installed in the posts.

By checking out, even early, the workspace will automatically become available to all users.


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A powerful Dashboard with personalized views per user.

Kalena incorporates a powerful dashboard with usage reports and statistics of the spaces, with custom views per user.

From the initial screen, the user will be able to see at a glance their own statistics in Kalena, and the current occupancy status of workspaces and other spaces and resources.

From the Reports and Statistics module, the administrator profile will have access to advanced reports of all bookings, users, resources, check-in / check-out list, etc. You can check at any time the office occupancy rate and the use of workspaces, thus obtaining very useful information to be able to manage and optimize the capacity of the offices.


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As simple as picking up you mobile phone and making an integral booking for everything you need at your office.


Book a meeting room in your office from the calendar or floor plan view. Check its characteristics, location, capacity and technical means, and request additional equipment. Add attendees to the meeting, and control the room’s occupancy in real time. Manage check-in/out and activate the automatic “no-show”.


Organize coworking spaces or book a workspace in the office in advance, from the calendar or plan view. Additionally request access to offices, connectivity, wi-fi or parking. Pre-assign or block desks, control occupancy by zones or floors, and manage check-in/out using QR codes.


Book a parking space for you or your visitors, from the calendar or floor plan view. Use a map to guide you to the parking space. Manage the necessary authorizations to access the building, and integrate it with automatic opening devices and QR codes. Control the zone occupancy and view usage statistics.

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