Management of shared spaces in neighborhood communities.

A multitude of neighborhood communities are already managing their shared spaces in a simple, efficient and economical way thanks to Kalena.

With KALENA you can easily manage the reservation of any type of space or resource in your community through different modules: shared rooms, gym, sports courts or shared and guest parking spaces. Managing all the shared spaces of your community of neighbors has never been so easy thanks to Kalena.

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  • With a few simple steps, the residents of the communities can check the availability of the different spaces and make reservations from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • With Kalena you will have full management control of the application, thanks to the manager profile that will be able to manage changes in the configuration such as user registration/deregistration/modification, loading of new plans and spaces, etc.
  • Unlike other applications on the market, Kalena does not scale based on the volume of users or events, which allows it to offer one of the most competitive prices on the market with very affordable plans based on the number of shared spaces to be managed.
  • Take a look at our plans and discover how Kalena can help manage shared spaces in your neighborhood community.


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Software solution for booking work spaces in the office.

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