How does Kalena work?

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With KALENA spaces you can easily manage the reservation of any kind of workspaces or corporate resources at your workplace, through different modules: meeting rooms, parking spaces, desks, dining room, offices, lockers,... All this in a centralized way and from a single interface, integrating a multitude of calendars and views, dynamic plans for the spaces occupation, automatic opening devices and access control.

Get to know some of the main features of KALENA spaces.


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With Kalena you can use the floor plan view to book a meeting room, a desk or a parking space. You will dynamically visualize the availability and occupation, and you will be able to check, from any device, its characteristics, location, capacity and the available technical equipment.

From the Administration panel you can upload your own plans by floor, building and/or location in image format, and also customize the level of information shown on the plan and have a spaces locator (wayfinder) on the plan.

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With Kalena you can also use the calendar view to book any workspace, and use different filters by date, location, capacity, etc. You will be able to make recurring reservations for the same workspace, and add meeting attendees until you reach the maximum capacity of the room or space.

You can also book any additional equipment that is needed, such as wi-fi or multimedia elements, and link this booking as a request in other systems or departments.

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Kalena incorporates a powerful dashboard with usage reports and statistics of the workspaces, with custom views per user.

From the Kalena’s administration dashboard, you can easily manage the workspaces and resources, as well as manage user permissions on the spaces to reserve, so that you can control who can create, modify or delete bookings of other users.

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Kalena also incorporates the functionality of being able to do check-in/check-out in any workspaces, either manually or by reading QR codes installed in the spaces.

By checking out, even early, the workspace will automatically become available to all users.

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With Kalena’s My Planning module you can have a specific view of your personal bookings plan in Kalena.

From this functionality, you will be able to see your daily, weekly or monthly schedule in a calendar, and you will be able to perform, for example, check-in / check-out in any booked workspace.


Save time and improve employee productivity.

KALENA spaces improve the experience of your employees.

Thanks to its ease of use, centralized management of workspaces, and continuous monitoring,
KALENA spaces can help you manage hybrid and flexible work models in your organization, and optimize the use of
the workplace.

Discover more advantages of KALENA spaces below:

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Unify all resources and work spaces management in a single application.  A unique centralized interface with visibility of all work spaces at once.

personaliza kalena


We adapt the appearance and calendars to the needs and corporate identity of the client.

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On the cloud

Without no setup, and with just two steps you can start making bookings.

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With other proprietary systems such as Active Directory.

reserva desde calendario


With the main market calendars: Exchange – Google Calendar

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At any time and from anywhere, regardless of the device or browser used: Firefox – Chrome – Edge – Safari

reserva desde plano

Easy to manage

You do not need to depend on technical staff. You yourself can register, cancel or modify a space, and manage user permissions on the workspaces to reserve.


Occupancy control

Preset the workspaces available in advance. Configure maximum occupancy levels, so that, for example, more attendees cannot be called to a meeting than those allowed by the maximum capacity set in the room.


informes y estadísticas

Decision making

Monitor offices performance. Power and configure more collaborative spaces based on usage trends, and improve the employee experience in the workplace.


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Access control

You can integrate Kalena with automatic opening and access control devices: vehicle identification with license plate reading by LPR camera, user identification card or QR codes.

Companies that trust kalena

More than 100 companies from 15 countries already use kalena to
manage their office workspaces. These are some of them:

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