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Customization of Kalena for the management of corporate spaces in all its offices in Spain.

atmira needed to guarantee a safe and controlled return to offices after the pandemic, managing its corporate spaces such as workstations, meeting rooms, parking spaces and dining areas, for the different offices located in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba and Vilafranca.

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  • A Check-in/Check-out system is incorporated, which can be done by scanning QR codes located on physical resources. These actions make it possible to confirm the use of the booked spaces and make them available again to the rest of the employees if they are released prematurely.
  • For user management, integration is carried out with the corporate directory of atmira, in the case of Azure Active Directory. To increase security, the incorporation of Multi-factor Authentication is planned shortly.
  • For the management of assignments and priorities, the new functionality of Kalena -Sections, which allows you to define resources for public use or for use limited to users or groups of users, and it is also possible to establish priority levels. In this way, not only the use is limited, but also the visibility, on those resources for which you have permission.
  • With the functionality of Kalena – My planning each user can quickly and visually track their own daily, weekly or monthly planning, distinguishing their own bookings from invitations to events from other hosts.
  • At the analytical level, in addition to the standard reports and statistics, advanced reports are incorporated for the analysis of confirmed use and the degree of occupancy and rotation of the spaces.


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