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Integration of Kalena spaces for the reservation of meeting rooms with all the home automation hardware of the DEKOM installer for the ALTADIS offices.

The client's needs consisted of having a web application accessible from any mobile device and platform, for managing the reservation of rooms at Altadis offices in Madrid. A cloud platform solution was required that could be installed within an Azure server owned by Altadis, and integrated with home automation hardware devices located in the rooms.

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  • Integration with the company's corporate user management is incorporated thanks to the integration with the Altadis Active Directory.
  • For user management, a customization of roles and permissions is created for the different users who can access the application.
  • Integration with CRESTON FUSION to control the different home automation elements in each meeting room.
  • Kalena is a web-responsive and multi-browser application, with a friendly and highly usable interface, from which you can view the general booking status of the meeting rooms.
  • Management of iCalendar and mailings. Graphical interface in calendar mode and possibility of booking by "click".
  • Possibility of recursive bookings and cancellations / fast ad-hoc bookings with a generic user.


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