Kalena will manage the corporate WORKspaces of the new T-Systems headquarters.

Our client T-Systems will open its new corporate headquarters in Barcelona in 2023, moving to the Smart 22@ building, the first intelligent building in Spain and sustainable from its own design and construction. The Smart22@ building is located in a nerve center for technological innovation in Spain and Europe, and allows CO² emissions to be reduced by more than 10%, water consumption by more than 50% and energy consumption by 32%.

The building has flexible workspaces, ideal for boosting team creativity and providing an innovative, sustainable and digitized environment. For this reason, the management of the different resources becomes a priority for our client that Kalena manages to solve thanks to an efficient management of all corporate spaces and resources.

In this new construction, Kalena will manage the reservation of meeting rooms, desks, offices and parking spaces for vehicles and bicycles, and all of this, centrally and from a single interface, integrating a multitude of calendars, views or dynamic occupancy plans of the spaces.

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  • After months of increased adoption of teleworking after the pandemic, the management of flexible workspaces had become an essential task for our client. Kalena manages to solve it in an innovative and digitized way, thus favoring the creativity of the teams.
  • With Kalena and in a few simple steps, all employees will be able to check the availability of the different spaces and make reservations from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • In addition, the manager profile will have full management control of the application, which will allow managing configuration changes such as user registration/deletion/modification, loading of new plans and spaces, etc. in a simple and fast way.
  • Take a look at our plans and discover how Kalena can help manage your organization’s corporate resources.


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